Pediatric Dentistry in Cedar Park, TX
Gentle Dental Care for Little Healthy Smiles.

One thing about cavities, they love those pretty baby teeth, and if that is the case with your child, Dr.Regina Yunusov at your local Cedar Park dental office could quickly solve this problem. Dr.Regina and her team offer a wide variety of dental services to improve any child's oral health. Parents could also observe the dental treatment or see the results at the end with all the explanations and expert advice. At first, Cedar Park families choose our dental office for some obvious reasons such as central location, established and trustworthy relationship in the community, the convenience of comprehensive dental care for the entire family under one roof, and of course, our modern state of the art clinic.

What type of dental office should parents be choosing for their kids?

Pediatric Dentistry is one of the many services offered at Austin's top dental office in Cedar Park, TX. Because our office is a family dental practice, both parents and children could experience our exceptional dental care we offer to our patients.
We outfitted our newly built clinic with all the latest medical and dental equipment and devices, only quality dental material, and highly trained doctors and staff. Parents can always count on professional advice regarding treating any ongoing dental problems, prophylaxis therapy, and oral hygiene.

Some of the most common performed pediatric dental treatments in our office may include the following:
  • Cavity fillings
  • Crown Baby Tooth
  • Root Canal Baby Tooth
  • Baby Tooth Extraction

In addition to treating kids, Dr.Regina also helps with professional advice and educates parents on caring for baby teeth at home. The key to long-term oral health is an early start in making children accustomed to daily brushing, flossing, and rinsing.

Reasons for choosing Cedar Park Dental Wellness for your family include:
  • Patients' trust
  • Experienced dentist and trained staff
  • A broad spectrum of dental services
  • Attention to details and personalized treatment for every patient
  • Implementation of the newest technologies and research into daily dental practice
  • Flexible payment options and in-house dental savings plan
  • In-network with most PPO insurances
  • Continued learning and passion to be the best for our patients
  • Willingness to listen to patients' feedback and improve

What is more important than professional skills?

There is no doubt that every dentist working with children must be highly proficient clinically, but the dentist's personality is even more fundamental. Children's psychology is a lot more sensitive than adults', and impaired interpersonal connection could result in fear of dentists for life.

First Pediatric Dental Visit.

One of the rules we have when working with pediatric patients and parents is getting them comfortable around our dental office. Dr. Regina and assistants love having fun with our little patients and show them around the office in a very playful and relaxed atmosphere. At first, we like to stay away from all the exhausting and scary dental procedures; instead, we would do an oral examination, and maybe some light cleaning, discuss some oral hygiene options and brushing techniques. If the doctor finds any problems during the exam, she will create a personalized treatment plan for your child to bring him back to optimal oral health.