Clear aligners in Cedar Park, TX
Pretty straight teeth became a standard of beauty. Considering that more than 90% of the population has some sort of bite issue, clear aligners became extremely popular. In the past, patients had a very limited choice of going to orthodontists and getting wired braces, but fortunately, those days are long gone. Now we have an option of using clear aligners instead.

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are transparent orthodontic trays that are applied over the entire dentition. They resemble teeth whitening trays or mouthguards. The patient can quickly put them on and take them off independently. Unlike braces, you are not stuck wearing them all the time. Aligners can be removed before eating and brushing.

The primary purpose of aligners is to correct the bite. They exert imperceptible and painless pressure on the teeth, directing them in the right direction. The main requirement is to wear them for at least 18 hours a day. The wearing time may vary if the bite defect is too noticeable and severe.

Aligners are made of synthetic transparent material. This makes them almost invisible, which is very important for those worried about their smile after installing braces.

Usually, aligners are made in sets and given to the patient according to the treatment schedule. Aligner material does not injure the teeth and gums, and it does not provoke any allergic reaction or cause any significant discomfort.

Indications and contraindications.

Dentists can recommend aligners only after examination. This method of bite treatment requires careful preparation. The production of mouth trays must be precise, which involves computer simulations.

Aligners are appointed in the following cases:

  • crowded teeth;
  • the presence of noticeable gaps between the teeth;
  • incorrectly positioned, turned in the wrong direction tooth;
  • protruding jaw.

Aligners can help to cope with both minor defects and serious problems related to the bite. However, there are also contraindications. These include:

  • periodontal disease in the acute stage;
  • tartar;
  • neurological diseases;
  • severe chronic diseases;
  • teething.

Advantages of aligners.
Compared to braces, the use of aligners is a more innovative technique, characterized by the following advantages:

  • preservation of the necessary aesthetics during orthodontic treatment;
  • ease of care;
  • exclusion of the development of caries or damage to the mucous membranes during the treatment;
  • easy to get used to;
  • relatively comfortable to wear.

All positive factors in no way affect the decrease in the effectiveness of such treatment. The result obtained is comparable with the use of non-removable structures. Only in highly severe clinical cases can specialists insist on the implementation of correction by using braces.

Aligners are very popular, and they have few shortcomings. However, despite their practicality and convenience, trays have several disadvantages:

  • In children, this treatment is challenging to control because they can unnoticeably remove the mouthguards.
  • In case of severe deformation of the jaw, mouth guards will not help without braces.

How do we make the aligners?
First, the dentist must examine a patient and determine if they are the right treatment for the patient. After examination and diagnosis, the process of making mouth guards begins. They must be suitable for the patient; therefore, they are made according to individual measurements.

We use a 3D scanner to obtain all the necessary information in our clinic, which later gets transmitted to the laboratory. After that, a specialist in the laboratory will calculate the trajectory of teeth movement, take into account all the parameters, and then proceed to 3D printing.

How much do clear aligners cost?
The price is difficult to attribute to disadvantages. Aligners are not overly expensive compared to other treatments. The use of transparent aligners to straighten the teeth has become the most viable option to correct the situation.

At the moment, various clear aligner companies can help you correct the bite. One of the most reliable, modern, and effective is SureSmile.

Previously the cost of the aligners depended on the amount of work, but thanks to modern technology, we can now treat all the cases at the same flat price of $4995. If you think of straightening your teeth, please contact our office and ask if we currently have any promotions.